Christmas Lights Raise The Spirit of Everyone

We hang Christmas Lights

The Best Holiday Tradition is Free

One of my favorite and fondest memories growing up was piling into the car with my 2 older sisters excited & giggling, Mom and Dad would drive thru nearby neighborhoods and even different towns looking at all the festive and beautiful holiday lights.

This tradition continues because as a mom I pack my boys up in the car to see all the Christmas lights. There are times when my kids say,

“Mom look 3 more houses put up light, go slow it looks cool.”

I smile knowing that this long tradition will continue as the years and decades go by makes me happy and makes the holidays as special they can be.

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Holiday Lights Makes Winter Warm

The emotions and bright feelings we get when we look upon a well designed light display in the cold dark Winter is warming like hot chocolate, our eyes dance with pleasure heating us from within.

We had it all because we had Family. Christmas meant loading up into Dad’s used car of the day, freezing our butts off until the engine warmed up enough and off we went together laughing looking for wonderful Christmas Lights Displays.

Viewing Christmas Lights Free Holiday traditions for everyone to enjoy

Driving looking at Christmas Holiday displays was like an Easter egg hunt but for lit up houses, my sisters calling out the most beautiful lighting displays,

“Ohh! That one” my Sister would call out pointing as we came in view of a well-coordinated light display.

Look, there! My Sister would yell and all of our attention would jump to a beautifully lit house with lights along the outline of the roofs, bushes lighting up the yard, and every edge of the house lit up in a coordinated lighting display.

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