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2023 Curb Infusion Holiday Photo Contest

Happy Holidays from Christmas Decor by Curb Infusion!

It has been an honor and a joy to work with you to beautify your properties this year. We are so grateful for all of you, and we wish you and your families all the best during this holiday season and beyond.

We’d like to announce our Curb Infusion 2023 Holiday Photo Contest!


This is your chance to show off your beautifully lit homes and businesses, and win some amazing prizes!

1st Prize: $1500 credit toward next year’s services
2nd Prize: Foursome at Franklin Country Club with Curb Infusion owner, Dick Ficco. (Golf, Dinner, Apparel, Pro V Golf Balls)
3rd Prize: $500 credit toward next year’s services
4th-8th Prizes: $100 Restaurant Gift Card/Certificate

Here’s how to enter:
All entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm on December 16th, 2023

1. Use the button provided below to visit our Google Reviews Submission Page
2. Upload your BEST high-quality photo(s) of your home or business that was decorated by Curb Infusion this year.
3. Be sure to add a star rating, and write your testimonial - entries without written reviews will not be considered!

That’s it. Easy!

Click the button below to enter!

How winners will be selected:

Beginning 12/19/2023 and through 12/22/2023, photos from accepted entries will be numbered and shared on social media in various locations including our business profiles, town pages, and the National Christmas Decor Franchise Owner’s private group. We will ask the audience to vote on the best entries. We’ll tally up the votes and we’ll announce our winners on Christmas Eve!

Tips for submissions:

We are confident that any of our customers can win this contest! All of our projects are designed and executed carefully and thoughtfully. This is a photo contest. Follow some of these suggestions:

1. Use a high-quality imaging device - most newer smartphones are equipped with a decent camera. If you own and practice with a professional-grade camera body and lens, this might be the way to go. Try repeating duplicate shots with more than one device to determine the best result.

2. If the term “composition” in photography is not a familiar one, take the time to read a quick article about it. The way you compose your image has an enormous effect on its quality and on the viewer. Here’s a decent quick read about composition.

3. Consider the weather - try snapping images on more than one night to see if the sky is different, or if there is less moisture in the air - environmental conditions play an important part in outdoor photography.

4. Avoid close-ups unless highlighting a particular decoration (wreath, etc.) - create some space between you and the decorated property to fit it in the frame. Conversely, don’t be too far away! Take pictures from different distances and compare them to see which yields the best result.

5. Try taking shots from different angles - sometimes straight-on does not show the depth of detail that can be seen from a slight angle.

6. Avoid cars parked out front, and avoid having lights on inside the property.


7. Have fun and good luck!



We are looking forward to seeing all of your submissions! Thanks for a great season.

The Christmas Décor by Curb Infusion Team

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