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Founded in 1960, Barcana is a world leader in Christmas Trees, fiberglass figurines, translucent illuminations and commercial ornaments for the Christmas retail and wholesale industries. Driven by creativity, their goal is to provide clients with unique and elegant options that add Christmas ‘magic’ to their displays.

Barcana, Inc. has been a prominent name in the wholesale holiday industry for over 50 years, and they continue to put the magic back into Christmas with top of the line product lines and continuous innovation.

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Nite Time Decor is the world’s premiere provider of outdoor lighting systems! Using these products, Curb Infusion can beautifully transform the look and feel of your property after dark.

A well-designed and professionally-installed landscape and architectural lighting system can enhance the curb appeal of the front of your property, create a resort-like feel of outdoor areas, upgrade the safety of your property by lighting treacherous walkways, improve the security of dark areas, and enrich the beauty of existing architecture and landscaping.

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Introducing PermaLites 365! The newest innovation in permanent lighting. These color changing lights are individually addressable. Color change by pixel along with motion such as waves, fade, ping pong, etc. Controlled locally or cloud based (iPhone, computer, or Android).

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