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In 1999, Dick Ficco founded Curb Infusion, as part of Christmas Décor, to use the art of lighting to provide an extraordinarily festive, and unique, curb appeal to residences, businesses, and municipal spaces. Initially, the real estate industry was a part of the business, as Curb Infusion worked to improve the salability of each property.  Eventually, however, it became apparent that there was a much broader market for Curb Infusion's unmatched services and products.


Now, Curb Infusion operates year-round, beautifying buildings and parks, restaurants & corporations, hotels, private homes, town commons, municipal buildings, and all other manner of structures or outdoor landscapes.  Curb Infusion has dedicated employees, loyal contractors, and reliable suppliers, and it delivers the very same to its clients.  Dick's passions for custom lighting, landscape lighting design, professionalism, and customer service, have clients returning each year, and throughout every season. That is how Curb Infusion became an award-winning leader in the industry, now in its 3rd decade, and serving over 100 towns and cities!


This holiday season, Christmas Décor will be bringing a little extra holiday spirit into the homes of military families with its annual Decorated Family Program. With more than 300,000 American soldiers deployed overseas this holiday season, families across the nation are facing the challenge of preparing for the holidays without their loved ones. Christmas Décor has stepped in to light up the homes of the families of these brave men and women. Each holiday, hundreds of Christmas Décor franchisees nationwide participate in this program by donating their products, resources, and time to decorate the homes of local military families as part of the Decorated Family Program.

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The Decorated Family Program began in 2003 after a franchisee attended a holiday dinner party and began to consider all of the military members overseas who will not be able to celebrate with those they love. The program spread quickly throughout the franchise system and is now in its sixth official season. Christmas Décor franchisees are proud to have found an extra special way to thank our country’s soldiers for their dedication and support by decorating their families’ homes. People can nominate deserving military families in their community by filling out the nomination form below. The form allows people to explain why the family should become a “Christmas Décor Decorated Family.” Winners are awarded based on their location (to ensure there is a local franchise to provide the award) and the impact of their story on the judges. The deadline for nominations is November 11 this year to ensure proper time to prepare and plan for the wonderful gift of lights.

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