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Twinkly Pro - Commercial and Municipal Cloud-Based Lighting System in Rockland, MA

Authorized Twinkly Pro Dealer in Rockland, Massachusetts

If you're looking for an app-based lighting solution for decorating your commercial or municipal property in Rockland, Massachusetts, Twinkly is an extremely versatile option. Twinkly Pro is a professional lighting system that uses smart LEDs and a mobile app to create large-scale light installations for indoor and outdoor use. It's designed to be easy to install and manage, with a watertight case that can withstand bad weather. Twinkly Pro features include:

- Twinkly app: Set up lights and play effects using your phone's camera to detect the position of each LED
- Twinkly console: Remotely manage installations from any location
- FX Wizard: Create effects with a few taps
- Music player: Connect to a speaker to match sound-to-light effects
- Web app: Upload animations and videos, including those from YouTube
- Hundreds of preset effects: Customize lights for any occasion
- Playlists: Automatically sync lighting with music
- Voice controls: Use Google Home or Amazon Alexa

Twinkly Pro - Twinkly for Business - Light Effects - Twinkly App
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