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2020 Outdoor Christmas Light Trends

Updated: May 12, 2023

The perfect outdoor Christmas lights can truly make the season bright.

Children and adults of all ages can’t resist the air of excitement and anticipation created by seeing their homes adorned in holiday lights. The warm, inviting glow is a welcome site to anyone driving home for Christmas.

Across the United States, families are getting ready for Christmas earlier than in past years, by putting more time and effort into creating wondrous seasonal displays. After spending plenty of time at home this year, creating a magical environment over the Christmas period has become more important than ever.

Decorating your residence following the latest outdoor Christmas light trends is the perfect way to create a beautiful, fantastical environment for your children and Christmas guests. Use new trends in outdoor Christmas lights to craft the perfect, never-before-seen display.

Find out how wonderful staying at home for the holidays can be. Explore these outdoor Christmas light trends below to surprise your family and neighbors. Take pride in owning the brightest house on the block!

Ombre Rainbow Lights

Ombre Rainbow Lights

Rainbow lights that blend seamlessly from one color to the next will be one of the most popular outdoor Christmas light trends this year. A fashion favorite, the “ombré” look is coming home for Christmas. This on-trend technique was used in textile design as early as the 19th century. Colorful and fun, ombré rainbow lights are a new trend in outdoor Christmas lights, but colorful hues, elegantly blended from light to dark will never cease to be beautiful.  This outdoor Christmas light trend checks all of the boxes.

LED Curtain Icicle Lights

Turn your home into an ice queen’s palace or winter wonderland with curtains of stunning white icicle lights. This particular trend is perfect for anyone with childhood memories of reading the Chronicles of Narnia at Christmas time, or those with children who still can’t stop singing “Let it Go.”

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Tree

Outdoor Lighted Christmas Trees

You’ll see plenty of outdoor Christmas trees adorned in beautiful lights this year. This is one of our top outdoor Christmas light trends, due to its sheer popularity, and the fact that this style is forever classic and iconic.

Your outdoor Christmas tree is the perfect place to make the most of the Ombre, rainbow light trend.  Move through every color of the rainbow, wrapping LED lights around the tree from top to bottom. Start with bright oranges, progress to vivid yellows, lime greens, and emerald greens, and finish the base of your tree with rich blues and deep purples.

An unconventional trend for 2020 is the black Christmas tree. If you choose to follow this trend, start early and use it to create an eerie atmosphere through Halloween, then add gold lights for a distinct VIP look over the Christmas holiday.

Looking for something a little more subtle? Flocked or frosted Christmas trees with golden lights are also popular, and ever-elegant.

If you have real trees growing outside your home, this outdoor Christmas light trend is a simple way to make the most of nature’s beauty.

Geometric Shaped Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights in geometric shapes are a key outdoor Christmas light trend this year. Add a modern twist to your display with 3D, geometric stars in classic gold or white. Geometric lights are the perfect way to add a subtle hint of the contemporary to an otherwise traditional design.

Oversized Lights

Oversized Christmas lights are another modern twist on the traditional. Large, flat, star and Christmas tree-shaped lights will be seen indoors and outdoors this year. This Christmas light trend can help your home stand out.

Lights with Luxurious Aesthetic

If you believe that Christmas is a time to celebrate tradition, you’ll be happy to hear that new designs inspired by eras gone by are on-trend and ever-popular. High-quality, luxurious, classic lights in gold and white remind us of our favorite Christmas memories from long ago.

Decor Smart Christmas Lights

Smart Christmas Lights

What could be more on-trend than lights you can control with an app on your phone? Make the most of smart technology with this new trend in outdoor Christmas lights and customize them as you wish. Smart Christmas lights mean less wasted energy and the ability to create a personalized experience for everyone who arrives at your home.

Share the Magic of Christmas

The professional holiday and event decorators at Christmas Décor will decorate your home with lights in the style you choose. Whether you prefer timeless, classic styles or favor new, innovative outdoor Christmas light trends, we can provide the holiday shine you’ve been looking for.

Take the hassle out of the holidays. Our team is here to help you “wow” the whole neighborhood with a home perfectly decked out in Christmas lights.

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